As a founder member of LAVA I have been greatly involved in the design team, from innitial concept strategies to crafting the vision presentation.
Here is a selected list of projects I have been involved with working at LAVA, please note that due to my confidential agreement with Lava the text and images shown are the official press documents and not necessarily specific examples of my work.

Qatar Tennis Tournament in Doha Vip tents


Qatar Tennis Tournament in Doha Vip tents, photo: Samantha Cotterell

Small project for the sponsor village for the official Sony Ericsson Championships Women’s Tennis Tournament in Doha, Qatar in association with Design Sport.
Worked intensely against schedule constraints with the client and led a small team through design stage feasibility and fabrication drawings.

Masdar Plaza competition

Lava Masdar evening illustration by Mir:

LAVA won the competition to design the urban centre of Masdar, a zero-carbon, zero-waste city to be built in the desert near Abu Dhabi. The winning scheme involves giant umbrellas, with a design based on the principles of sunflowers, will provide moveable shade in the day, store heat, then close and release the heat at night in the plaza.

The city centre includes a plaza, five-star hotel, long stay hotel, a convention centre and entertainment complex and retail facilities.

I had great fun and gained a lot of experience working as a key member of the small team of eight for the first stage initial concept and design proposal, and also crucial to the much bigger 2nd stage Competition team that focused more on the feasibility and more technical aspect of the project.

MSWCT, Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower


Lava Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower

The 59-storey tower, one of seven to be built around the world, has been built in collaboration with former Formula 1 champion Schumacher, and is described as “branded architecture’s next step”, The lower levels of the tower, traditionally the most difficult and least attractive area, has been reinterpreted as a series of prestigious wharf apartments, terraced similar to that of cruise ship decks. By widening the base, the tower is anchored into its surrounding water basin similar to the surrounding mangroves and nearby canals. The top Sky villas offer 270-degree views opposite the new cultural district on Saadyiat Island in Abu_Dhabi, UAE.

An ongoing project that I have been greatly involved in since it’s initial conception 2007, I had great fun and gained a lot of experience working as a key member of the initial small team of 4 for the first stage initial concept and design proposal.

Sherman Contemporary Art foundation bibliotheca (SCAF)

photo: David Simmonds -

photo: David Simmonds -

The installation is an evolutionary display, which will adapt and grow in response to each new gallery project while creating an ephemeral and surreal experience with changing lights and effects. Holding a selection of Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation and Art & Australia publications in honeycomb shaped cells, the installation is backlit through transparent acrylic via energy efficient LED lights.

I was heavily involved in the Initial concept design