A memorial to the global financial crisis through the lens of marginal aesthetics. Research into ideas of the beautiful and the ugly, the uncanny and the cosy, the picturesque and the banal, the sublime and the inhuman, the kitsch and the ornamental were set as spring boards for a reconceptualisation of the memorial building topology.

The memorial sits uncomfortable between two bridges of at an non-orthogonal angle, creating walls and spaces that engage with the site in a manner that is slightly disturbing.

The outdoor terrace emphasises the expressive, social, open natural seasonal experience. The comfort of the space is depending on the natural climate of the season. It expresses welcomely towards the rest of Pitt street mall. Whilst creating an enclosed compressed space below.
the external envelope encloses and protects the introverted space through layers of glass, steel net and free growing plants.
A coffee cart is placed, an object imposed into the memorial that de masks and ‘banal-izes’ the space, diffusing the shallow impact of the memorial, leaving only the subtleties of the expressive space.

The internal cafe is insulated and mechanically controlled to reflect the economical condition. The synthetic space is a high tech laboratory diminished to hold a cafe. The only light source of the space. It is the most immediate response to the economical market, changing intensity as the global markets turn each second of the day. A concrete shell isolates the introverted volume allowing the interior climate to be controlled with precision air and light Locks keep the synthetic space controlled.

The memorial forms part of the bridges between two major commercial entities; Westfield and David Jones. Generating a slow flow of people. It is the short cut entrance to the memorial making it a pit stop instead of a destination, deceitfully the escalators are formally treated as back doors, but these escalators are, in fact, as close to a main entrance.

Status | Completed May 2009

Context | Disciplinary Transformations Studio, UTS M.Arch

Instructors | David Burns, Adam Jasper