A selected few projects have been chosen for my online portfolio, these show my architectural aspirations and how I come to investigate space at different distinct scales. Hopefully these will offer a multitude of topics for discussions.

Post Traumatic Urbanism


Urban masterplan 50 hectare of urban fabric expansion of Beirut. Defined by a High speed Rail network connecting all of the Mediterranean countries. Understanding the global consequences of such an immense infrastructure development as well as the careful consideration to the city and its inhabitants.



Researching alternative structural systems for the Tall tower topology, 96000sqm, although the scale of the building is quite large, the project concentrated a lot more on the scale of how the system reacts at 5-8 stories,



Memorial for the global financial crisis, 350sqm, internal and exterior binary conditions are played one against the other, creating a tension between the human created economical engine and the natural system of seasons. The project was strongly influenced by Adam Jasper, Art historian, and his lectures on marginal aesthetics. Through this influence the memorial was forcedly shaped into a non event, a common space and in a way a non-memorial.



The project aimed to take the interactive technologies into the field of architecture focusing on the potential spatial possibilities. Researching into how spatial qualities can change depending on the situation.